My philosophy

“Style is far superior to fashion. The style-conscious person finds inspiration through fashion and cherry picks ideas without completely adopting the overall look. No one with any awareness of style would radically change the way they dress purely to be fashionable.The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – Giorgio Armani

Anyone with any kind of fashion sense, who has grown up in the vicinity of Milan, will have adopted the style of dressing like the “Milanesi”.
In Italy, distinctive style is celebrated. Current creations or fashion trends from the past are newly interpreted, but never copied.

My personal style philosophy

Rather a few good designer pieces that highlight your own style, than a wardrobe full of poor quality clothes or even worse and decidedly more financially painful, a few expensive designer pieces in a color that does not suit you at all.
Those who are aware of their personal style and the colors in which they feel most comfortable are more likely to avoid misguided fashion choices. However, everyone needs time to identify and implement their own style.


The one and only ultimate rule number one

The most expensive outfit loses its exclusivity when worn with poor quality shoes.

Better vice versa:

High-quality shoes in combination with a cheap garment and everything is fine.


I agree with the quote by Lord Chesterfield 1694-1773):

“Style is the dress of thoughts”


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