Androgynous is the old/new buzz word

The miscellaneous style trends for Fall/Winter 2011/12 are numerous, but one thing is clear –  the androgynous look is taking centre stage. Those of us who were around to experience this trend first time round in the 80’s should be in a better position to pick out the best pieces to suit our personal style. The range this year is enormous. it wasn’t possible for women to buy men’s shoes in size 35 to 41 in the Eighties. Nowadays, you have a really big choice. Visit Church’s or Ludwig Reiter shoe shops and you will find yourself in paradise.

Shopping forecast for the next two to three seasons…

The androgynous look

Garçon-pants (tapered-fit) or straight legged trousers in combination with men’s shoes  (Budapester, Monk-Strap shoes, Penny-Loafer & Slip-ons). Please buy only hand-made shoes, if at all possible.

garcon pants


  • Never allow the shoes to be covered by the trouser legs. If you do, the effect is absolutely zero.
  • This dress style is equally gorgeous for women over 40.


Biker Boots & Jeans

Narrow trousers tucked into Biker Boots, as seen at Chanel’s runway show is something you need to get used to. Biker-Boots tucked into pants are predominantly suited to young ladies with long, slim legs.

Biker Boots

Editor’s Comment : Let’s face it. The typical female client of Chanel is over 35 years old. From a certain age (40 plus) Biker Boots in the office or outside are a „No-Go“. men’s shoes are far more distinguished.

Seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Church’s and PRADA…

Monk-Strap shoes

Penny Loafer

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