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Key Piece 2013

Key Piece 2013

Kilt is cult again

The kilt is a pleated, knee-length wrap skirt, that was founded in the first half of the 18 century. It was worn as a traditional garment of Highland Scots, in the colors of their individual clan. Today the Scots don their kilts on festive occasions. As a fashion accessory, with a turtleneck, biker boots or riding boots, this classic piece is an indispensable and pretty cool item for any wardrobe.

I was in Scotland 10 years ago and since then I have been the proud owner of a real kilt. Of course, my original kilt was far less expensive than the one from Chanel. So, if you feel that you can no longer survive without owning a kilt, you should buy one online from Kinloch Anderson. The best thing about Kinloch Anderson is that you are able to order any colour tartan from any clan depending on which suits you best.  Please feel free to wear your kilt on cold days like these – you don’t have to wait till the Autumn. 😉

AJV’s Styling tip:
Unlike Chanel, I prefer the “less is more”approach to dressing. As described above: a simple white turtleneck (t-shirt fabric) worn under a sleeveless sweater. To complete the outfit, either a cardigan or a frock coat that ends below the kilt. Riding boots or biker boots as you prefer. For those who don’t like to wear boots then simple men’s shoes are a great alternative.


  • The cardigan or frock coat (paletot) must never be shorter than the skirt
  • No ballet flats or high heels, otherwise it looks too conservative 🙁

Kilt private

Let yourself be inspired …

Seen at the fashion show for CHANEL Fall/Winter 2013/14