Key Piece 2018

The ultimate key piece in 2018 – Prince Henry Cap à la Chanel

Karl is the greatest, not always, but more and more often. From time to time he comes up with something out of the ordinary and brings together two worlds that no one has thought of before. Prince Henry, the brother of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II, invented this sailor cap. The former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, had worn this cap on every occasion and now this masculine cap is becoming the must-have among fashionistas.

Take an original or similar Prinz Heinrich cap, wrap a headband from silk crepe or a curtain cord from a curtain shop around it, decorate it with a brooch and voila, the look is finished.

Get inspired!

Investment Piece

Powerlook – „Blouson Vinyl Corrèges“

This is a jacket that you don’t take off unless you absolutely have to.

You would even wear a jacket from Courrèges to bed if you had to. Once you are wearing it, you feel like you could save the world from the bad guys. A bit like Emma Peel, to be honest.

… or Alain Delon 1969

What prevents us from buying this jacket?

The price was high. The classic model from 2016 is inspired by the 60ties and at the moment the price is round about Euros 900. It was available in the online shop of Corrèges. (There is still the classic with the fat logo)

Of course, you could find something cheaper if you ransacked the 2nd hand online stores and looked under vinyl jackets –  “blouson vinyl Corrèges”.

Even here you are looking at paying Euros 350.00 if you really want to have one.

Let yourself be inspired …

Key piece 2015/16

Mary Jane’s with chunky heels of the 70 :-)

The Mary Jane’s appears in the second part oft the runaway show.

The Mary Janes were a very long time a so called “No Go” for fashionistas. Now reinterpreted by Miuccia Prada, they are the absolute „Must Haves“ of the fashion world for the autumn/winter season 2015/16. In comparison to the classic form with thinner heels, they come along with a block heel out of the 70ies. The enormous advantage: From behind vigorous calves act visually more delicate and you can wear these shoes very good to a knee-length skirt.


But otherwise: Following year you will find a lot of copies from this kind of shoes. Therefore, buy them now & sell them next summer on

Investment Piece

Kilt remains cult

The kilt is a pleated, knee-length wrap skirt, that was founded in the first half of the 18 century. It was worn as a traditional garment of Highland Scots, in the colors of their individual clan. Today the Scots don their kilts on festive occasions. As a fashion accessory, with a turtleneck, biker boots or riding boots, this classic piece is an indispensable and pretty cool item for any wardrobe.

I was in Scotland 10 years ago and since then I have been the proud owner of a real kilt. Of course, my original kilt was far less expensive than the one from Chanel. So, if you feel that you can no longer survive without owning a kilt, you should buy one online from Kinloch Anderson. The best thing about Kinloch Anderson is that you are able to order any color tartan from any clan depending on which suits you best.  Please feel free to wear your kilt on cold days like these – you don’t have to wait till the Autumn. 😉

AJV’s Styling tip:
Unlike Chanel, I prefer the “less is more” approach to dressing. As described above: a simple white turtleneck (t-shirt fabric) worn under a sleeveless sweater. To complete the outfit, either a cardigan or a frock coat that ends below the kilt. Riding boots or biker boots as you prefer. For those who don’t like to wear boots then simple men’s shoes are a great alternative.


  • The cardigan or frock coat (paletot) must never be shorter than the skirt
  • No ballet flats or high heels, otherwise it looks too conservative 🙁

Let yourself be inspired …

Fall/Winter 2013/14

Dorothee Schumacher 2013: The single colour two piece is up and coming

On the 17th of January 2013, there I was seated in the front row of the webcast presentation of Dorothee Schumacher’s autumn/winter collection. Unfortunately two minutes into the broadcast the connection hung up and the wish list idea, whereby I could click on my favourite pieces of the show to add them to my own private wish list, sadly also went up in flames.

Fortunately I was able to watch the complete video of the presentation on Dorothee Schumacher’s website one day later, but yet again, I was unable to reserve any of my  favourite items on my 2013 Winter season wish list. Having made several attempts to do so, I have now given up, and as a consequence I will, no doubt, be saving considerable amounts of money ;-(

Reiterhelm aus Nerz

That aside, the autumn/winter 2013 collection from Schumacher strongly supports my interpretation of new fashion rules.  This well thought-out collection has a little bit of everything that relates to my personal clothing style. For me, the key piece is the equestrian cape, made out of fur. Wear it over a “two-piece” in the style of the former „Palazzo Pyjamas“, in the 60’s, from Princess Irene Galitzine, and  a new strong, but graceful Amazonian is born!



My personal tip for future investments:  Buy slim or slightly flared pants and a matching top. The top and the pants must be from the same colour palate. Tight fitting tops should be high necked, preferably without sleeves. Those who prefer a less sporty combination could also wear a tunic on the top.

Which shoes? Well, either simple loafers or elegant men’s shoes. Both work.  The variant with the ankle boots, as seen with Dorothee Schumacher, is not too bad either.



Spring/Summer 2013

Spring/Summer 2013: Sixties reloaded

The designs of the 60s completely re-invented the fashion industry and there is no denying that the sixties still have a very strong influence on today’s fashion scene. For that reason,  my wardrobe is extremely well stocked with pieces from the sixties and I just can’t have enough of them.  Quite apart from the fact that, the 60s look still suits me, even if I am well into my 50s!

My perennial favourite in spring: Half-length trench coat from Burberry, with mid heel knee-high riding boots or tight-fitting 60s boots. Indispensable: The dramatic, big black sunglasses (please note that they don’t always have to be black).

Just like Brigitte Bardot:

Important: Heel height should never exceed six inches, otherwise we are moving onto the high heeled style of the seventies. To give it a 2013 look, the beloved trench coat can be combined with ankle boots. Important: Again heel height should never exceed six inches, otherwise, as previously stated, we are encroaching upon the seventies style.

Fay interprets the 60s style very well. Unfortunately, for women over 40, the skirt length is consistently a touch too short. We can always hope, that the skirt length in-store, at least for petite ladies, finishes just above the knee.


Key Piece 2013

Miuccia Prada invents a new design concept for the lace-up shoe

My preference for men’s shoes is well known by now. The only disadvantage is that men’s shoes are flat and not really suitable for small woman.

Not the case with this lace up. This wonderful man’s shoe is remininiscent of the rain covers for regular shoes. Let’s be honest, this shoe will never be classed among the most beautiful of shoes, however it does make the wearer look “cool” and superior.

What goes best with platform shoes?

It is best to combine platform shoes with 3/4 pants or flared pants. Originally, the platform sole was invented to be worn with mini skirts and bell-bottoms.


Be inspired!

Fall/Winter 2012/13 Key Piece 2013

The white turtleneck sweater is the ultimate T-shirt for the cold season

The last word in versatility and providing a never ending number of stylish combinations, this sweater has a beautifully “clean ” look. With the right piece worn over it, for example, a red sweater with a round neckline, it is unbeatable and extremely flattering for any skin tone. Whether sleep deprived or sporting pale winter skin, your complexion will look fresh thanks to a white or ecru turtleneck.

If you would like to see more, please have a look at the Paris Fashion Week and pay particular attention to one of my favorite designers Guillaume Henry: Carven / Fall Winter 2012/2012.

Investment Piece Key Piece 2013

You will regret not owning a pair of classic riding boots…

Bottega Veneta: princess coat and riding boots

Bottega Veneta: princess coat and riding boots

Just wear them and feel fabulous. The most important style detail for a riding boot is that it should reach almost to the knee – even a little above it. This gives the optical illusion that the fibula is much longer than it is in reality. In combination with a pencil skirt or frock coat, your legs will appear to be much longer.

Fourteen years ago, I saw this look in Milan, since then riding boots have been a classic part of my wardrobe.

Tip: You can get riding boots in any tack shop. You can even order them, tailored to your size. The waiting time for the beloved riding boots can be a little long, but they are definitely worth the wait.

The best riding boots are from Sergio Grasso from Italy. Where else?




Fall/Winter 2012/13

Jodhpurs in their original shape

Jodhpur pants 2008 from Hèrmes

Jodhpurs 2008 from Hèrmes

Originally jodhpurs were tailored to be flared around the hip and snug-fitting just below the knee. Today, modern stretchy fabric means that the flare can be removed without compromising the flexibilty and support of the riding pants.

Four years ago jodhpurs were part of the autumn/winter 2008/2009 collection from Nicolas Ghesquière for  Balenciaga. The former designer from Hérmes, JeanPaul Gaultier, copied the idea from Ghesquière and tailored a dream in leather.

It is best to wear these pants with riding boots or with authentic Jodhpur  Boots. It is also possible to combine them with Chelsea Boots.  If you would like to look taller, wear one colour from head to toe.

Absolutely no-go: Jodhpurs should never be worn in combination with high heels. Whoever does this commits a serious style “faux-pas”.

 A key piece from the latest collections from Givenchy & Ermanno Scervino.

Jodhpur pants by Ermanno Scervino


Jodhpur pants by Givenchy




Wide sleeves, pencil shirts, combinations in warm and cool colours and lots of white

The collections of Giorgio Armani, Max Mara and Tomas Meier for Bottega Veneta adhere closely to her distinctive style. Always leaning towards to a classic look, but with that certain something and a distinctive signature. Quality materials, exceptional tailoring and unique colour combinations. A worthwhile investment that will carry you into the next stage of life.

Giorgio Armani

The hat of the season 2012

The hat of the season 2012

In Summer 2012 Armani created the hat of the season. A must-have piece for people who like to collect hats and other unique accessories, especially those who would like their daughter(s) to inherit something unique. Please, wear this hat exclusively in combination with a suit and high heels in order to maximise the alignment of your body.

Bottega Veneta


Skirt length ends above the knee

Farben, wie auf einem orientalischen Bazaar

Farben, wie auf einem orientalischen Bazaar
















Tomas Maier also knows what he is doing. His skirt length ends above and not below the knee. This length, combined with either flat or high heeled shoes, is especially advantageous for small women. The colours remind me of a luxurious oriental bazaar.


Max Mara

Max Mara

Combination of warm and cold colours

So called “colour-blocking” is no longer of any interest. Lets go back to basics and combine warm colours with cool colours. The Italians know how to do it. For example: A camel hair coloured top, teamed with pants in turquoise. This combination also goes very well with lemon yellow, cyan and pink. Just pure class!

Raf Simmons for Jil Sander

Diese Hot Pants sind hot

” Hot Pants are hot”

Pure, elitist, selective – the latest collection from Raf Simons is a total homage to Jil Sander’s Look. Not necessarily a “must-have piece”, but the hot pants with a high waistline are quite amazing.

Bleistiftrock in weiss. Nur etwas für grosse Frauen

Please note that only fashion models 1.75m or taller can wear the severe looking suit, with a pencil skirt or capri pants ending below the knee.

Moderne Variante der PillboxEine Pillbox ging um die Welt

Here is an eye catcher, a long way from what Jil Sander represents, but the pill box is gorgeous.  Jackie O. would have liked it…

What’s new and going on in Paris?

The designers from Paris seem to agree on one point: The wide sleeve option. Unlike tight fitting sleeves, they promote comfortable and relaxing arm movement, but only an option if you like to experiment with the 80ties style.



Chez Celine, the wide sleeve approach is the most highly evolved, even given the fact that  the silhouette of the body fits tightly. Lots of combinations of white for hot summer days. Yes, these outfits look simply marvellous, but they spend far too much time at the dry cleaners.

celine_weite_jackeweite, kurze Ärmel


Androgynous is the old/new buzz word

The miscellaneous style trends for Fall/Winter 2011/12 are numerous, but one thing is clear –  the androgynous look is taking centre stage. Those of us who were around to experience this trend first time round in the 80’s should be in a better position to pick out the best pieces to suit our personal style. The range this year is enormous. it wasn’t possible for women to buy men’s shoes in size 35 to 41 in the Eighties. Nowadays, you have a really big choice. Visit Church’s or Ludwig Reiter shoe shops and you will find yourself in paradise.

Shopping forecast for the next two to three seasons…

The androgynous look

Garçon-pants (tapered-fit) or straight legged trousers in combination with men’s shoes  (Budapester, Monk-Strap shoes, Penny-Loafer & Slip-ons). Please buy only hand-made shoes, if at all possible.

garcon pants


  • Never allow the shoes to be covered by the trouser legs. If you do, the effect is absolutely zero.
  • This dress style is equally gorgeous for women over 40.


Biker Boots & Jeans

Narrow trousers tucked into Biker Boots, as seen at Chanel’s runway show is something you need to get used to. Biker-Boots tucked into pants are predominantly suited to young ladies with long, slim legs.

Biker Boots

Editor’s Comment : Let’s face it. The typical female client of Chanel is over 35 years old. From a certain age (40 plus) Biker Boots in the office or outside are a „No-Go“. men’s shoes are far more distinguished.

Seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Church’s and PRADA…

Monk-Strap shoes

Penny Loafer