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Key Piece 2018

The ultimate key piece in 2018 – Prince Henry Cap à la Chanel

Karl is the greatest, not always, but more and more often. From time to time he comes up with something out of the ordinary and brings together two worlds that no one has thought of before. Prince Henry, the brother of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II, invented this sailor cap. The former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, had worn this cap on every occasion and now this masculine cap is becoming the must-have among fashionistas.

Take an original or similar Prinz Heinrich cap, wrap a headband from silk crepe or a curtain cord from a curtain shop around it, decorate it with a brooch and voila, the look is finished.

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Investment Piece

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Spring/Summer 2013

Spring/Summer 2013: Sixties reloaded

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Fall/Winter 2012/13

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