Miuccia Prada invents a new design concept for the lace-up shoe


My preference for men’s shoes is well known by now. The only disadvantage is that men’s shoes are flat and not really suitable for small woman.

Not the case with this lace up. This wonderful man’s shoe is remininiscent of the rain covers for regular shoes. Let’s be honest, this shoe will never be classed among the most beautiful of shoes, however it does make the wearer look “cool” and superior.

What goes best with platform shoes?

It is best to combine platform shoes with 3/4 pants or flared pants. Originally, the platform sole was invented to be worn with mini skirts and bell-bottoms.


Be inspired!

The white turtleneck sweater is the ultimate T-shirt for the cold season

The last word in versatility and providing a never ending number of stylish combinations, this sweater has a beautifully “clean ” look. With the right piece worn over it, for example, a red sweater with a round neckline, it is unbeatable and extremely flattering for any skin tone. Whether sleep deprived or sporting pale winter skin, your complexion will look fresh thanks to a white or ecru turtleneck.

Weisser Rollkragen (Carven Fall/Winter 2012/13)
White turtleneck (Carven Fall/Winter 2012/13)

If you would like to see more, please have a look at the Paris Fashion Week and pay particular attention to one of my favorite designers Guillaume Henry: Carven / Fall Winter 2012/2012.

You will regret not owning a pair of classic riding boots…

Bottega Veneta: princess coat and riding boots
Bottega Veneta: princess coat and riding boots

Just wear them and feel fabulous. The most important style detail for a riding boot is that it should reach almost to the knee – even a little above it. This gives the optical illusion that the fibula is much longer than it is in reality. In combination with a pencil skirt or frock coat, your legs will appear to be much longer.

Fourteen years ago, I saw this look in Milan, since then riding boots have been a classic part of my wardrobe.

Tip: You can get riding boots in any tack shop. You can even order them, tailored to your size. The waiting time for the beloved riding boots can be a little long, but they are definitely worth the wait.

The best riding boots are from Sergio Grasso from Italy. Where else?