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2011/12 Herbst/Winter

Powerlook – „Blouson Vinyl Corrèges“

This is a jacket that you don’t take off unless you absolutely have to.

You would even wear a jacket from Courrèges to bed if you had to. Once you are wearing it, you feel like you could save the world from the bad guys. A bit like Emma Peel, to be honest.

What prevents us from buying this jacket?

The price is high. The classic model from 2016 is inspired by the 60ties and at the moment the price is round about Euros 900. It is available in the online shop of Corrèges. The price of the new model of 2016 is not fixed yet.

Of course, you could find something cheaper if you ransacked the 2nd hand online stores and looked under vinyl jackets –  “blouson vinyl Corrèges”.

Even here you are looking at paying Euros 350.00 if you really want to have one.

One alternative is a jacket from ZARA. The jacket is similar, right down to the cut, just like the jacket from the latest collection of Corrèges 2015/16. Unfortunately, it is not made of leather or vinyl, but black suede. So that Emma Peel feeling has vanished and the courage to save the world from bad guys has gone with it.

Let yourself be inspired …


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